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and checking out my book. Pieces of My Heart has been in the works for 18 years and now it’s finally time, I got to share my story with you.

   I am married to a wonderful man, Virgil T

who has been lead singer in the Hwy 41 Blues Band and also Stepchild Band from Pensacola. 

   I am also  the mother of a beautiful 45 year old son Steve and have two fabulous granddaughters, Gabby and Jessie.

   We live high on a mountain in Tn in a log cabin with our three American Bulldogs,  Belle, Slash and Gabby Girl, and cat, Lil Rascal.

   In 1964 I was coerced to give my only child up for adoption.  Pieces of My Heart is my story.

  I hope you enjoy my story which was released December 19, through this site and later at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

I totally love the cover of Pieces.  Carolyn Gambito, designer, said she added the highway placing the words ‘journey‘ and ‘soul’ so they would land on the highway.  The steer head for strength of the bull and to her the horns represented my motorcycle handlebars. The tattered eagles wing...freedom, although gone thru troubled times.
   What she didn’t know was the bull is my sign, Taurus.  The eagle and hawk are my good omen birds. I said, “If we have those, we have to add my good luck charm, the quartz crystal. “I think she did a wonderful job personalizing my cover for me.”

  Later I plan to have T shirts and tank tops .

                PRESS RELEASE:

A Free Spirited Gypsy’s Journey

Thru Her Heart and Soul...and  Hell.

Pieces of My Heart

A true story

(Normandy, TN,)  “When 17-year-old Katy is forced to surrender her son to strangers, her life becomes a web of secrets, lies and rebellion.

   Learn the hidden, yet true, secrets of how unwed

mothers were treated by the System, and what actually

goes on in government-approved mental wards.

   Her rebellion grows as she travels from Haight-Ashbury during the Summer of Love, through the brotherhood of motorcycling and four abusive marriages, even spending some time in sick-slick Hollywood … across the country, back-and-forth, stubbornly refusing to give up on her dream.

Katy’s is that spirit that refuses to compromise either with her herself or the world around her. It is that spirit that refuses to be quiet for the sake of expediency but rather screams to be heard. It is that indomitable spirit that never gives up and in the end is proven to be the best of what it is that makes us human.

This is Katy Ishee. This is Pieces of My Heart. This is a new, fresh voice that needs to be heard.


I”I read the whole book and I find it phenomenal!”

I am enlightened and truly feel your story is exemplary for "Women's History Month" (April).  You're courageous and instinctually gifted. I have scheduled your interview to air on www.WBIXonline.com  in Boston May 1, 2010.

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About Me

“An amazing & powerful story!”

Don Gallagher, Gallagher Guitars TN.

Name: Katy Olliff Ishee

Age: 64

Birthday: May 3

College: St. Leo & ASU

Major: Psychology/Sociology

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Book: Pieces of My Heart

Favorite Movie: Not out yet,

Pieces of My Heart

Favorite Food: Seafood

Favorite Quote: “Don’t let the bastards get you down, you always hear her say, cuz, she hates the lies and hates the games, that people like to play.”

My favorite songs

  1. 1.Many Rivers to Cross              by  Wayne Perkins

  2. 2.House of a Thousand Heartaches by Brett Brock

  3. 3.Whenever Katy Smiles                by Virgil T.

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  1. www.myspace.com/

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